Whether it is breaking bad news or offering insight in a nebulous situation, some of the most challenging moments in medicine involve talking to patients and their families. Unfortunately, the primary way healthcare providers learn to tackle these difficult instances is through the slow process of firsthand observation and experience.

Inspired by the highly successful MEdIC series , What Do You Say? is a case study series that explores some of the minutes in medicine when communication matters most. Every other month, a hypothetical case will be posted with questions for discussion. After a week of moderated discussion about the case, relevant experts will provide insight for the community to consider and a curated review of the discussion with expert opinions will be disseminated.


What Do You Say? is designed to empower emergency healthcare providers by providing high-quality resources they can rely on in difficult communication situations. In a practical sense, it will provide important talking points directly deployable at the bedside with patients. In a philosophical sense, this series will provide a forum that captures the huge variability in approaches physicians take when confronted with tough communication situations—allowing practitioners to see how others deal with these situations.

Finally, this case series strives to enhance the training of new physicians by forcing them to consider these difficult situations and equipping them with the insight to handle them.

Have an idea for a case?

If you would like to submit an idea for future cases, contact me using the contact page or send a tweet to @skobner.

Case List

Original Post
Expert Opinion
Case 1.01
Talking about tPA
9.08.14 9.16.14 TBA
Case 1.02
A Prescription for Opioid Prescriptions
10.21.14 10/31/14 TBA